Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Redesign your workplace

How many times have we felt that we knew what the problem was in our organization
How many times have we felt that given a chance we could fix a lot of things at our workplace
How many times have we felt that the work place could become an ideal one ?

Aha..Thatz what an assignment asks us to do.

The HR & OB assignment due this week have me and my classmates reflect back on our past and analyze our previous work place.

Our task is to first analyze the job and the organization exactly as it was when we worked there. Next, we imagine our self to be re-hired as a top-level manager in the same organization, and have an opportunity to redesign the job and the organization in which we worked. So, we need to redesign our work to simultaneously enhance the job holder’s engagement, health, and productivity. As part of the plan, we must describe how we will implement the changes (i.e., change management strategies) such that the job incumbent will experience minimal resistance. Also, we need to measure the effectiveness of the changes.

This is not an easy assignment as it appears. Also, with the class average work experience of 6 years, I am sure that there would be a lot of excellent suggestions and plans that would come up. One key thing is that perhaps as we work on this assignment, we will realize that HR is a key aspect of management.

One of the "match" for my Career leader test stated that I could try HR as a career option!. I never personally believed that that I was a "HR type" guy. But then, working on this assignment gives a feeling that I could bring in some definite changes! :)

BTW, herez an interesting article on how top Honchos are moving to the HR world. I have met Mr Pai and had a 1 hr interview with him, and I can certainly state that he looked more of a number cruncher than a HR guy…But here he is - doing his job and adapting well to the new role !


At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Bhaskar said...

According to Jack Welch,HR Manager is most tough job in any organisation especially in these tough days of retaining talent.I saw his video at wharton on identifying perfect role for MBA's.


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