Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Best MBA Employers

Fortune.com lists the Best MBA employers.Each year, research firm Universum surveys MBA candidates on where they'd most like to work,Here are the:

Top 10 MBA employers
1 McKinsey & Company
2 Google
3 Goldman Sachs
4 Bain & Company
5 The Boston Consulting Group
6 Citigroup
7 Apple Computer
8 General Electric
9 Johnson & Johnson
10 Morgan Stanley

Read the entire 100 Top MBA employers list here

A few interesting observations
*Companies that used to be regarded as dot-coms -- and were very volatile on the list -- are now established as major recruiters.Google is one of the favorites! Consulting, finance and other Fortune 500 names dominated the top 100 list.

*The survey also broke down most desirable companies by gender. For women, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and Walt Disney were unique to their top 10 list. For men, it was Morgan Stanley, General Electric and Lehman Brothers.

*Asked what career goals they hoped for within three years, MBA men and women selected "balance personal life and career" and "build a sound financial base" as their top priorities.

*The most noticeable change in the MBA scneario by far is that now, the top 25 or 30 MBA programs' students are about one-third international. To a much greater extent than before, you walk around on campus and see people from everywhere, from Buenos Aires to Beijing.

*An MBA with overseas work experience, or familiarity with one or more foreign markets, has a real advantage. That person can probably choose among several great job opportunities

*Technical skills - quantitative know-how are important, and strong communication skills are always in demand. But the biggest buzzword now is globalization.Now, the big U.S. tech companies, investment banks, consulting firms, and consumer-goods companies are trying to find people who can function globally.

*42% of U.S. schools report that they're playing host to more and more recruiters who are there to find students from other countries, and to woo them for overseas jobs either in their own home countries or elsewhere."Anyone who has spent time in China and knows something about it, and also has an MBA from a top U.S. school - well, that person can pretty much write his or her own ticket"..says Greg Ruf, CEO of MBA Focus (www.mbafocus.net)

*Much of the demand is coming from those traditional stalwarts of MBA hiring - consulting, financial services, and consumer goods companies. The big brand-name investment banks and consulting firms do 90% of their recruiting at a "target list" of brand-name campuses - and it's a tiny number of schools, sometimes as few as six, sometimes as many as 14, but a tiny list.

Read the entire article here


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