Sunday, April 16, 2006

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Some advice I received during the resume critiques exercise from a set of experienced folks (Managers,CFO,CEOs). Great stuff.! Sharing it with others

Focus on networking from day one, look at the industries that interest you and try to get to connect with people who are in that industry.
Make best use of your school’s alumni office as well as industry associations and trade fairs etc. as well as persuade friends, family and ex-colleagues to reach out to their connection.

Remember it is the “weak links’ that get you the jobs. Try for leadership positions in your school/batch representative/Finance club President etc., help out the placement office in your seniors placement.

Concentrate on job search through agents by the end of december 2006.

Choose your target roles in your set of target companies clearly.
Get inside info on these roles and companies through your networks of friends and acquaintances.

Approach the HR and the line manager through a reference if you genuinely believe that you are the right person for the job (not because you want to influence the process but because you want their time and attention)

Be focus and flexibile.Jobs are available to those who possess the ability to do multi-dimensional work – thereby enlarging the opportunities available to them, as they will fit in into more than one area of expertise.

Lastly, if you have the "stones" to do your MBA 10,000 miles from home,it takes guts and real determination... And that should come across in your resume while searching for a job.


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