Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sets the mood

The picture that you see below has been taken by an amateur photographer. We have a Leisure section in our organization where employees send the photos that they have shot. This photograph, shot by Rajkumar Bansal was declared as the "Photo of the Month".Isn't it excellent?

I do not know why but I found this photograph extremely soothing to the eyes. Sitting on a bench all alone, watching the waves, you could relive every moment of life. The scenery is so spectacular that none of us would mind being in the old man's shoes.

I emailed the guy to ask the details of where he took this picture and this is what he had to say.- ‘This is the Great Ocean Road near Melbourne, Australia. The ultimate destination is 12 Apostles but mostly, the drive to the destination is more famous/ popular. The place is a sea beach but shot in a manner than it looks the man is sitting on the edge of the seabed. Must see/visit if one goes to Australia !’

Phew ! If the picture could influence me so much, imagine how much the location would have an impact on me…! :)

Anyway, herez some interesting information that I read recently

Six tools you should use to build an effective team

If you are setting up a project team, here are six quick steps at the outset to increase effectiveness, from Jerry Garfield and Ken Stanton in Harvard Management Update:

1.Share personal histories about work, to reveal competencies, generate respect, and foster co-operation.

2.Ask: "What has worked for you in the past?" This signals experiences are valued and builds commitment.

3.Describe how the team will work together -- the problem to be solved, the expected improvements, and a detailed plan of action.

4.Make assignments that take advantage of everyone's strengths.

5.Establish norms for making decisions, notably what decisions team members can make on their own and what falls to the team leader, as well as how conflict will be handled.

6.Establish communications processes to ensure a free flow of information between team members.>


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