Wednesday, January 18, 2006

South meets East !!

Iam traveling to Kolkata this weekend to attend a friend's wedding.
The groom is a Bengali guy whoz getting married to a Tamilian gal. Interesting combination ! East India meets South India! :)

I have know the guy for about 9 years now.And he has changed quite a bit in this period.:).The guy was a champ during the engineering days.He used to excel in both studies and sports.Son of an army man, he was one of those guy who wanted to have fun and perhaps therefore did not commit to any girl.I still remember a poster that he had in his room -"Why beer is better than women".!! He met his soulmate at some party a few years back,and cupid played its role.:)

A lot of guys from my engineering batch would be coming.There will definitely be a lot of fun,dance and masti.:)

Check out the wedding blog/site that he has maintained.! Quite impressive.


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