Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Pursuit of Wow

I had read Tom Peter's The Pursuit of Wow sometime back.

When I read the book,there were a few points that I really liked.I had scribbled them on a sheet of paper. Posting the same stuff on the blog.

-Don't forget your thank-you notes.It always makes an impact.

-Recognition- Appreciation, applause, approval, respect-We all love it. Baloons, badges, prizes, our picture in the company newsletter-Wonderful.

-Praise in Public, Punish in private.

-Give EVERYONE credit.

-Your intelligence -as leader, consultant, investment banker, securities analyst-will, in general, be directly proportional to the number and depth of your relationships with folks six levels "down", who have access to the real data ,unexpurgated.

-Go to cocktail parties.

-Don't waste a single lunch.

-Know your client well- Use the Mackay 66 questionnaire.(

-Dedicate one hour of preparation for every minute of a client meeting.

-Become so indispensable to outsiders that the insiders dare not lay a glove on you.

-People can smell emotional commitment.

-Join Toastmasters

-Maintain one good friend who revels in telling you that you’re full of hooey.

-Take the crummy little job, out of sight, when you are left alone to do your own thing.

-The three important Rs -Reputation, Resume and Rolodex. Keep that in mind.

-Treat temporary workers as you would a permanent employee.

-The Bumping into strategy - Out of sight is out of mind.

-Keep your client updated at every stage. Even if there is nothing to add.

-If you really believe in your product, give it free. Your passion will speak. Passion is contagious.

-Remember, the world is running on HST-Hare Standard Time.

-People are different - Trompennaars's book - Riding the Waves of Culture is a masterpiece.


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