Monday, January 30, 2006

Queen's MBAst Interview

S gave his Queen's interview yesterday and has done "good" in it.
For the benefit of blog readers, he has allowed me to post his interview experience.
We wish him all the best!

His profile:
4 years of IT, almost 2 years of Intnl exposure, 700 GMAT,graduated from RECW,not much of social service, but a good sports record.

Interview Experience (in his own words):
I recieved a call at sharp 9:00, but as the voice was not clear,I called him from my land line.
This helped me to gain my cool... Mr Ben Whitney introduced himself,gave a brief over view of how the intw would be, and kick started the questions.

-Started with why do I want to do an MBA at this point of my carrer when my career promises me more grwth?
-Tell me more about the ----- (Company I work for)
-Tell more about the initiatives that i took at the work place.
-How was Cyprus like for me in the begining..
-How is it to be working in a diverse team
-SOme thing on what my recommenders wrote about me. (My weakness and My strong point)
-An instance where I showed my creative skills.
-An instance where I got along well with other team members.(A recommender had mentioned this)
-What other colleges have I applied to.
-How do I plan to finance my MBA.
-What should I convey to the Ad Committee.

The interview went on for 20 -23 minutes and was followed by my set of questions.

Looking Back:
After about 3-4 questions, I felt comfortable talking with him.
My preparation did help me but the question 'An instance where i got along well with other team members' question came as a surprise to me.

In the middle of the intw i got a call on my mobile and that flustered me a bit..lesson learnt - swith off your mobile prior to the intw.

On the whole it was good, a balanced set of rehearsed and ad lib answers.. I was surprised that i didnt confront any question on the challenges of team work, what do you know about canada, what did you learn in your job, why Queens kind of..

The good (bad ??) thing is that i dont have to wait long for the results.. They would be out by the weekend, as the ad com meeting is scheduled the day after.Keeping my fingers crossed!


At 3:24 AM, Blogger Hiren said...

Interesting. What happens after the interview is more important. I read in a book how getting good grades in an MBA is no guarantee that you will get creative ideas in actual job situation as well.


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