Friday, October 21, 2005

An Interview with the Indian Blogger

A journalist from 'The Hindu' newspaper was writing an article on Bloggers in Hyderabad.During a google search, she happened to notice my blog.She contacted me and emailed a set of questions asking for responses. Here were my responses.

What inspired you to start blogging in the first place?

I have always loved writing. I use to write articles in school and college. Later, when I started working, I would write a piece and email it to my friends to share my views.Around late 2002, I got introduced to the world of blogging. I was in the United States working on an assignment that time.There were a lot of things there which I liked and felt like sharing with my folks and friends back home. I started blogging and got addicted to it! :)

How would you characterize your 'Fight to my Flight'blog?

I would characterize my blog as a Business School Applicant blog – One that contains tips, inputs and talks about my journey towards a B school.

The blog ( ) was started in late 2003 when I decided to go for an International MBA after working for 4 yrs in the corporate sector.

Did you at any rate set out writing the blog because you wanted to make entries about business prospects, your own career choices etc?

Yes, this blog was to decide on my career choice – To do an MBA. Blogging about the experience helped me confirm my decision. Quitting job after 5 yrs of work ex and going back to school is not an easy decision! So, as I blogged, I made sure that a Management education was what I really wanted to do!

The primary reason for creating this blog
a) The blog would help me track my progress and would always remind me of ultimate goal – Get into an B school. Hence, the title ‘Fight to my flight’
b) It’ll be a source of information for any person aiming to get into a B school. One could get some inputs from here or contact me if for anything that he/she needed.

Are business bloggers prone to hazards?

Depends … Bloggers might be prone to hazards because they can write something and this might impact someone somewhere.In Blogosphere,news spreads like fire. In the west, there have been cases where employees have been fired because they wrote something against the company.

Do business bloggers face similar risks of putting their employers in jeopardy?

A lot of bloggers write what they want –complains, greviances,views etc- but they remain anonymous –simply because they want to avoid controversies.The other magic rule one should follow for blogging - ‘Don't write anything you wouldn't want your boss or your mother to read.’

Do you use your blog to vent your grievances? And do you feel the need to update your blog frequently? Does this bog you down?

Not really.I don't blog to vent my greviances!.But yes, there are times when I feel I need to make a point or state something..So,I just get back home, log in to my laptop and write my feelings.It helps me relax and later I analyze the contents on the blog–'Did I get carried away by the moment or was I really analytical that moment?' To me, a blog is like a diary. It reflects my state of mind. Ask a blogger if he has changed over the years- his blogs would do the talking.!

I never get bogged down by Blogging. It is a almost a daily ritual for me.Over a period of time, Blogging has helped me relax, get creative, help me pen my thoughts better and introduce me to folks who share similar opinion as mine.


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