Friday, July 21, 2006


Why haven’t I been blogging for the past few days?

Well, the first reason is that we had our Stage 1 exams...I was writing full fledged 3 hr exams after 6 years and trust me, it was not easy. There was lots to study...We hardly had time to eat .So I just couldn't blog.

The exams got over today and we get a week off before we start the stage 2 of the
MBA program. As I sit and type this post I realize that I have been in this program for about 3 months now.

lot of change has happened within me. I have started viewing things in different perspective; I analyze issues from various angles and of course have learnt a lot from interacting and meeting people from different backgrounds and nationalities.

I have learnt so much that I think I can just sit and blog about it for an entire day. : ) . But, as the exams got over, I think, I deserved a good break and need to party hard. So, am off to the Niagra falls tomorrow early morning. I will be in Toronto for the next few days. Will check out the city, dine at a few restaurants, meet my mentor ( A Queen's MBA alumni) get back to Kingston by Wednesday.

I want to share and write a lot of stuff about stage 1. I want to write about my experiences, the subjects, the professor, the MBA program…. Keep watching this space...
As of now, I just want to get away from my graduate residence!

Take care folks !


At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Bhaskar said...

So,How were u r exams?
Is grading revealed to recrutiers in Queens.
I would be joining MBA in UK this year..
Any ideas on pre-mba prep,i know very little time is there..but i can still use u r advice..
I hope u respond..
good luck


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