Friday, February 18, 2005

Travel to Pittsburgh

Iam travelling this weekend to Pittsburgh.Iam taking two days off from office.
First am going to Phily and from there with one of my friends will drive down to Pittsburgh.So, will return to my place on thrursday.

The reason for my visit is to make sure that I am make an informed decision in life. Well,we are never sure about whether a decision is right..but then what Iam looking forward to is a preview of how life would be a few months from now if I decide to join CMU.I'll try taking some pictures and I'll share them with you all.

I will be addressing all my questions( and perhaps concerns )to the folks there. I have scheduled an appointment with the Associate Director of Admissions and the Associate Program Director.

Like the ISB friends, I have a set of CMU friends and Queen's friends too.
The CMU folks (mostly young boyz and gals) have asked to get some answers for some of their important questions.:). So will do that too.I have a school mate of mine who will show me the campus.She graduated from the course and is with Delloite now.

I will provide a detailed write up on how I felt after visiting the campus. If possible, I'll try to get some student feedback (Iam not sure if I can catch up with some students)

An interesting thing happened today...Sometime back, I had a telephonic conversation with an American who was very happy with the program and had graduated a few years back.I talked to him about some negative feedback that I had received about the program. The good news is that he has recently been selected to the alumni executive board of MISM -CMU and has asked for a candid feedback on "what is going on in the program currently." So will update him too.!

Taking my laptop so that I can blog something in the airport.Iam an blog addict and airports are the place where I blog like crazy!


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