Tuesday, February 15, 2005


The weekend was spent talking to folks from Queens,emailing the alums and speaking to a few friends.Yes, Queen's offers everything that I expect from a B school. Placements is a problem. You get jobs mostly through networking and 1 yr is a short time to network.So if I decide to join, I need to take a risk that I might not get placed.The best part of Queen's is the personal touch. With just 78 students in the program, one feels that he is studying in a close knit enviornment.The director of the program called me up today and told that I contact him directly if there were any concerns from my side.The way they treat me makes me feel good.:)

The CMU alum told me that the program is not an MBA substitute and I should be clear with my expectations.
"Go to Tepper if you want an MBA.You can mix and match courses from Tepper but MISM is a MISM only".Yes, jobs would come easier there than Queen's but then one might get restricted to a particular domain.Folks end up with different jobs there ...strarting from coding jobs to being consultants in Mckinsey. The MISM program is very popular among the Investment Banks for Application Development and Consulting firms like Deloitte.

There are folks in Queen's who had an ISB admit and yet went ahead with Queen's.Most of them don't regret it except for one.

I had emailed a senior of mine.He is of the opinion that if I want an international feel, I should try out Queen's.

This is what he said:
"Although ISB is good enough and has all the attributes of a global institute, it will still take time to reach the status that these institutes already enjoy. Now that you have got this opportunity, don’t let it go easily. Yes, if you have some very genuine and urgent reasons to return to India, then ISB is better than any other options available here."

Another relative of mine suggested that I go ahead with the CMU program and apply to B schools 4 years from now.I'll be only 29-30 by then and that is not old.!

RP asked me to check out the best gals in all the three school and then take a call where the best gals are.:).He too is waitlisted at ISB but has made it to Chicago GSB.

Iam all confused and I guess it will take some more time before my brains come out and I decide which one to join.Money does not grown on trees and I should realize this.I need to take a call and hope that dad agrees with my decision.

Well, the only good decision that I took this weekend was I decided not to apply to any more B schools.The NUS, NTU essays are almost ready but I won't be submitting it.Would have applied to IIM-B under the NRI category but then have decided not to.

Although, I am confused there is a strange feeling these days.
It gives me a feeling that the hard work that I had put in has bought some results.
The guy was supposed to relive me of my job assignment has landed up with visa issues. So, instead of this month end, it will be mid march when I return to India.

Will it be ISB or a visa for US or a visa to Canada...Time will tell.
Till then....Keep providing ur inputs and stay with me..Iam tensed and confused.:)


At 8:58 AM, Blogger oooommmm said...

Hi ekalavya,
I looked through your blogs. It is very touching. I admire your attachment to ISB. But I think it is time that you move on. If you do the MISM course of Carnegie mellon, you will have a world class brand. I think it will cost you US$65000. I don't know whether you can afford it. If you can, then in a year you will have a$50000 - 60000 job. Work for two or three years and then apply for an MBA. Dammit, work hard on your GMAT. I suggest you read the blog of a guy's saga in preparing for CAT on pagalguy.com. It is fascinating. If you really want it, you have to slog. I know of people who worked on their verbal for two, three years. If you have the will, you can make it. I wish you all the best.
One day you may graduate with an MBA from wharton, Kellog or Chicago. It is possible.
I knew a guy who did BE in Manipal by paying donation. Today he is a graduate of INSEAD.
It is up to you to make it happen.
Best of luck.

At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess placements is not such a big issue in Queen's.Everybody gets a job at max within 6 months from their MBA. You can hear some local bigwigs like Bombardier visiting the campus.

Cheers buddy, Guru

At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tricky situation to be in, but it's time to make a choice, a decision. Having seen your blogs and having interacted with you, I strongly believe your heart/passion lies in MBA. Queen's is definitely well-recognized and age-old institution. Learning will be fantastic. Placements are completely on us and our networking abilities. Start building your network from now. One of my friend is doing his MBA in Cranfield. He says how much luxury Indian institutes have in terms of placement. Outside India, placements is completely on US. He has managed to land couple of interviews based on alumni interaction and networking. It's possible but it needs that EXTRA bit of effort. Go for Queen's..

- Bharani.

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous shashank said...

Hi Ekalavya,

I was wondering what makes you decide against applying for IIM-B?


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